IV Sino-Russian Symposium on Advanced Materials and Processing Technology

On June 23-26, 2016 IV Sino-Russian Symposium on Advanced Materials and Processing Technology was hosted by Ural Federal University in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Gubkin University was represented by Master’s students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Traditionally, the symposium is organized to enhance communication between the scientists from China and Russia, to promote scientific and technological innovation and economic modernization.

This year the symposium became a unique platform for academics, researchers and engineers from leading technical universities of the two countries who met to exchange information on all aspects of materials and processing technologies and to present paper on recent advances.

The welcoming ceremony was opened by representatives from Ekaterinburg City Administration, Ural Federal University, Perm State University and several Chinese universities. After the welcoming ceremony, Russian and Chinese professionals presented their research papers on a variety of topics such as investigation of properties of alloys and composites, use of carbon fiber and polymer materials and others. 25 research papers were presented in English.

In addition, the symposium program included sessions for oral presentations made by PhD students and poster presentations on various research topics. Gubkin University students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Viktoria Morozova, Olga Rodicheva and Daniil Alekseev made their poster presentations as well. Overall, about 50 research projects were demonstrated at the poster session. Graduate students and professionals working in the area of innovative materials were able to discuss their research projects and share experience with their peers.

At one of the symposium sessions, the report on the activities of the Youth International Association of Oil and Gas Higher Education Institutions of the BRICS Countries, initiated by Gubkin University, and plans for the future was made by Viktoria Morozova . The report aroused interest among Chinese students to participate in the activities of the Association related to student projects.

The symposium ended with the certificate award ceremony for the participants.