Gubkin University ranked among the top universities by Forbes

According to the results of the first university ranking published by Forbes Russia, Gubkin University became the eighth. The ranking was compiled based on the data of the university effectiveness monitoring presented by the Ministry for Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

Forbes Russia issued its first ranking of Russian universities based on evaluation of ten indicators divided into three groups – the quality of education (maximum 50 points), the quality of graduates (maximum 30 points) and the Forbes factor (which takes into account the popularity of the institution and the share of entrepreneurs in total number of graduates – maximum 20 points).

Gubkin University scored 23.1 points for the quality of education, 20.43 points for the quality of graduates and 3.54 points for the Forbes factor.

The ranking methodology takes into account not only the quality of education, but also the university statistics about the employment of graduates, employer’s demand for them in the Russian regions, and the number of entrepreneurs among them. The ranking was aimed to assess the quality of Russian education and identify the best universities who train young people with an entrepreneurial mindset and capable later to become part of the Forbes list or part of the Russian political elite.

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