Gubkin University is ranked among top-20 Russian universities by Expert RA

On 5 June 2019, the reputable RAEX (Expert RA) rating agency published the survey results of its rankings of Russian universities. Gubkin University secured a place in the top 20 universities in Russia.

This time, RAEX surveyed over 50,000 students from 158 leading higher educational institutions in Russia in order to find out their opinion on strengths and weaknesses of Russian universities and understand what most educational institutions lack. The survey showed that students consider the fundamental component of education and involvement in research as the strengths of their universities.

Respondents were offered to evaluate the quality of education, demand for graduates among employers, and level of research work. Gubkin University became the 4th according to the employer’s demand, the 19th in the quality of education, and the 52nd based on the level of research work, which secured the 19th position in the overall ranking.