Gubkin University is ranked among top-10 Russian universities based on reputation within broad fields by Expert RA

The RAEX (Expert RA) rating agency published the results of its fourth rankings of Russian universities by reputation within broad fields. Gubkin University secured the 9th position in Engineering and Technologies and the 16th position in Engineering, Natural Sciences and Hard Sciences.

The rankings include top-50 universities in Engineering, Natural, and Hard Sciences and Economics and Management, and top-10 universities in Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Arts and Social Sciences, and Medicine. The rankings reflect the ratings of universities by respondents polled by RAEX Agency in 2016–2018. Respondents’ opinions on the quality of education, demand for graduates among employers, and level of research work were taken into consideration. Representatives of the academic and scientific community and corporate employers, as well as students and graduates took part in the polling. The total number of respondents exceeded 60 thousand. The results of reputation ratings made by RAEX are both used to develop ratings by fields and taken into account alongside with statistical indices when preparing RAEX annual comprehensive ranking top-100 Russian Universities, the most recent version of which was published in June 2018.

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