Gubkin University is among the winners based on the annual reports competition by Expert RA

On 25 November 2020, the 17th Annual Practical Conference “Annual Reports: Leaders' Experience and New Standards" was organized online by the RAEX (Expert RA) rating agency. Based on the results of the annual reports competition, Gubkin University became one of the winners.

During the conference, the results of the study and the ranking of annual reports for 2019 were presented, as well as an award ceremony for the winners of the competition was held.

In total, over 150 annual reports from various corporate, academic, and non-profit organizations were submitted to the competition.

In the corporate sector, the most represented were energy companies (22%) and financial companies (20%). Among the reports submitted by energy companies, 67% were classified as four and five stars (with the average rating of 53%). The large share of high quality reports was from companies representing the precious metals and diamonds industry (five out of six reports), as well as oil and gas sector companies (nine out of nine entered the top two classes).

In 2020, the nominations for educational institutions and non-profit organizations were established for the first time, and 37 annual reports were submitted. The analysis of annual reports in these categories was carried out taking into account the data obtained by RAEX while making the ranking of charitable foundations and the Moscow international ranking of universities "Three University Missions", which enabled to make lists of annual reports representing best practices in preparing reports for non-profit organizations and universities.

According to the results of the analysis and evaluation made by the expert commission of the competition, Gubkin University was included in the list of winners, and the annual report of the University was recognized as one of the best in the nomination “Best practice in preparing annual reports of universities”.