Gubkin University entered top-10 Russian universities in Expert RA Ranking by subject

On 16 May 2023, the RAEX (Expert RA) rating agency for the second time published the subject rankings of Russian universities. Compared to 2022, Gubkin University improved its positions and entered top-10 Russian universities.

In particular, Gubkin University became the first in Oil and Gas Engineering and one of the leading Russian universities in such subject areas as Mechanical Engineering and Robotics, Chemical Engineering, Geology and Ecology.

The new edition covers 35 subject areas, including mathematics, a wide range of natural science and engineering subject areas, social and humanitarian subject areas, as well as pedagogy, medicine and agriculture. In total, 164 universities from 42 regions of Russia entered the rankings. In 2022, for example, 136 higher educational institutions were included in 29 rankings.

The main components of the rankings include education, science and society. Subject rankings take into account the specifics of each area. The rankings are built on objective indicators and do not use subjective surveys of respondents.

More details are available on the official website of Expert RA.