Gubkin University Week was held at Gazprom School

From 27 February to 3 March 2023, Gubkin University Week was held at a private educational institution “Gazprom School” in Moscow, Russia.

Professor Viktor Martynov, Rector of Gubkin University, opened the event with a presentation about the strategic importance of oil and gas, projections of energy consumption, professions in the oil and gas industry and the role of Gubkin University in training specialists for the industry and science in Russia. As part of the visit, an official ceremony to extend the cooperation agreement between Gubkin University and Gazprom School was held.

During the Week, the senior pupils of Gazprom School visited the Museum of Petroleum Chemistry named after Sergey Namyotkin and participated in a workshop on oil distillation in the laboratory of the Department of Organic Chemistry and Petroleum Chemistry under the guidance of Professor Lyudmila Ivanova. Some pupils participated in a workshop lead by Mr. Alexey Dengaev, Associate Professor of the Department of Oil Field Development and Operation, who told about autonomous field development technologies, infrastructure features and the role of hydrocarbons in human life.

The program also included a visit to the Mineralogical and Petrographic Museum named after Leonid Pustovalov where the pupils got acquainted with a large collection of minerals and rocks and a visit to the Center for Offshore Drilling where they became familiar with modern technologies for the development of offshore fields. In addition, the pupils were offered to visit the educational laboratories of the Department of Physics to perform laboratory works "Studying the laws of uniform and uniformly accelerated motion with the use of the Atwood machine" and "Studying the laws of momentum conservation on the example of the central impact of a ball" under the guidance of Professor Oleg Bodnar.

At the end of the week, the pupils met with the deans of the faculties of Gubkin University – Mr. Pyotr Pyatibratov, Dean of the Faculty of Oil and Gas Field Development, Mr. Sergey Grinyaev, Dean of the Faculty of Integrated Security of the Fuel and Energy Complex, Mr. Alexander Slavinsky, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management, and Mr. Sergey Rozhnov, Dean of the Faculty of Law. During the meeting, the pupils learned about the areas of activities, training profiles, internship opportunities and further employment, scientific activities and advantages of studying at Gubkin University. Mr. Vadim Maslov, Deputy Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee, told the pupils about the admission requirements and procedures as well as the possibilities of participating in the Student Scientific Society of Gubkin University.