Gubkin University expands cooperation with China in student exchange and development of joint laboratories

As part of the development of bilateral relations in the area of education between Russia and China, on May 5, 2016 the university was attended by the delegation from the People’s Republic of China. The Chinese delegation was led by the Head of the Department for Education of the Sichuan province Zhu Shihong and the rector of Southwest Petroleum University Zhao Jinzhou.

Based on the provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding signed in December 2014, participants discussed the prospects for development of student exchange programs as well as establishment of international joint research laboratories with participation of the state.

In accordance with the work plan in these areas, the parties agreed to hold an additional working meeting in September 2016 at which the final agreement will be signed.

During the meeting the Vice-Rector for international affairs of Gubkin University Alexander Maksimenko noted that

"Russia and China have historically had close and mutually beneficial relations in the area of training qualified personnel for the oil and gas industry. Therefore, developing and strengthening of cooperation between Gubkin University and Southwest Petroleum University is promising and has great significance for the development of the fuel and energy complex of the partner countries."