Gubkin University delegation visited the Prirazlomnaya offshore Arctic platform

As part of cooperation with Gazprom Neft Shelf, the delegation of Gubkin University visited the ice-resistant offshore stationary platform Prirazlomnaya headed by the Rector of Gubkin University Viktor Martynov.

During the one-day visit, the delegation got acquainted with the company's activities on the Arctic shelf, visited the production units of the Prirazlomnaya platform, including the main control center and the drilling complex as well as the residential infrastructure facilities. During the visit, the delegation members noted the high level of the platform security, high technological efficiency of production processes and equipment used at Prirazlomnaya.

"The development of Arctic oil and gas resources is a strategically important priority for our country. Today, Gazprom Neft Shelf and Gubkin University cooperate effectively in training personnel for development of the Arctic shelf. It is important to note the professionalism of the team who operate the platform since oil production in the Arctic requires the platform employees to have special competencies. The operation of the unique field and platform in the Arctic is essential practical experience for development of the entire oil and gas industry” – said Viktor Martynov.

Gubkin University is the leading institution in the system of higher oil and gas education in Russia. With support from Gazprom Neft several specialized departments have been established in Russian universities where the company operates. Annually about 500 university students do practical training at Gazprom Neft.

On a regular basis, Gazprom Neft Shelf cooperates with Gubkin University on the work with students and young specialists, professional development programs for employees, practical training of the University faculty members at the company.