A specialized lecture hall named after Valentin Egorov was opened at Gubkin University with the support of KNGK-INPZ

On 18 October 2022, the opening of a specialized lecture hall No 1321 named after the outstanding scientist Valentin Egorov was held at Gubkin University. The repairs and re-equipment were carried out with the support of Ilsky Oil Refinery (KNGK-INPZ).

Valentin Egorov is Doctor of Economics, professor, economist in the oil and gas industry, whose activities were inseparably linked to the Faculty of Engineering and Economics of Gubkin University.

Professor Viktor Martynov, Rector of Gubkin University, Mr. Yury Shamara, Chair of the Board of Directors of KNGK-INPZ, Mr. Andrey Tagirov, Technical Director of KNGK-INPZ, Mr. Vyacheslav Katan, Director for Prospective Development of KNGK-INPZ, Professor Vladimir Koshelev, Vice-Rector for Youth Policy and Educational Work, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of Gubkin University, Mr. Alexander Slavinsky, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management at Gubkin University, student and faculty members participated in the opening ceremony.

Rector Viktor Martynov expressed his gratitude to the management of KNGK-INPZ for the support, noting the importance of this audience in the educational process.