The Foundation of Gubkin University Alumni celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Dear Gubkin University Alumni!
Dear participants of the Foundation of Gubkin University Alumni!

I congratulate you on the 20th Anniversary of the Foundation of Gubkin University Alumni, which ensures the continuity of the experience gained by best alumni of the University, the preservation and development of the University traditions, and the promotion of alma mater.

Over the 20-year period of its activity, the Foundation of Gubkin University Alumni has provided support to the University amounting to 140 million rubles contributing to 20 philanthropic programs and projects with the participation of more than 400 benefactors of Gubkin University.

The participants of the Foundation contributed to the projects dedicated to the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War: in the Year of Memory and Glory, supported financially the Monument to the Soviet Soldier near Rzhev, restored the memorial to the fallen students, faculty and staff members of Moscow Oil Institute on Leninsky Prospekt.

The Foundation of Gubkin University Alumni organized fundraising and financed the construction of the architectural and sculptural composition "Ivan Mikhailovich Gubkin" to the founder of alma mater; together with the Academic Council of the University, it implements the program to support young faculty members of Gubkin University.

Since its establishment, the Foundation has actively supported students by providing scholarships, sponsoring events and competitions, contributing to sports and cultural activities such as restoration of the premises of the student theater, building of the sports ground on campus, establishing of Gubkin University Football Cup and many others.

For the active support of alma mater, 51 Gubkin University graduates were awarded the title of the Honorary Graduate of Gubkin University.

I deeply thank for the support given to the University, and congratulate all the participants of the Foundation of Gubkin University Alumni on the 20th Anniversary! I wish you success in your professional activities!

Viktor Martynov
Rector of Gubkin University