The fifth graduation ceremony for postgraduate students was held at Gubkin University

On 26 November 2021, the official graduation ceremony for postgraduate students was held at Gubkin University which became the fifth one since postgraduate studies were announced to be the third level of higher education.

Professor Viktor Martynov, Rector of Gubkin University, congratulated postgraduate students on the successful completion of their studies with the qualification of a researcher. Rector Martynov wished the graduates to stay healthy and strong as well as to move successfully further in their professional career. The graduates were also greeted by Professor Alexander Maksimenko, Vice-Rector for Scientific and International Affairs, Mr. Maxim Giruts, Dean of the Faculty of Research and Academic Personnel and High Qualification Personnel, Mr. Alexander Prygaev, Dean of the Faculty оf Mechanical Engineering, and Mr. Mr. Alexander Komkov, Head of the Department for Scientometrics Research and Support for Publication Activity.

Mr. Maxim Giruts welcomed the graduates and noted that diplomas were awarded to best postgraduate students, some of whom have already defended their Ph.D. theses or plan to do so in the near future. Mr. Giruts particularly emphasized that Gubkin University leadership will continue to support graduates and create all the conditions for effective research.

Gubkin University leaders wished the graduates to successfully apply the acquired knowledge and skills either in research departments of companies or academic institutions and hold the banner of the alma mater high.