Gubkin University students expanded geography for practical training

This year Gubkin University students have got new opportunities for practical training and combined work in certain disciplines with excursions and hiking in the nature reserves of Russia. In 2016, a new training ground with academic and field equipment has been opened in Tverskaya oblast, Russia, where students could work with the most modern geophysical equipment at a real well. More than 600 students explored the practical basics of their future profession, and studied unique geological artifacts.

In 2016, students from the Faculty of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics increased the number of sites for practical training to six. 15 students did their practical training in Moscow oblast, and 170 went to Alushta, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Complex geological survey was also conducted in the Crimea at the training facility of Moscow State University near Bakhchisaray town. This practical training was done by the first-year geophysics students and second-year geology students, 94 people in total.

23 second-year students did their environmental training and 44 did their field geophysical training in a new ground of geophysical equipment with the recently-drilled training hole based in the academic training center Zaluchye in Tverskaya oblast. A group of 21 geophysics students went to Smolensk to Gnezdovsky archaeological complex to do practical field training in geophysics. Gnezdovsky training was done in Konakovo, Tverskaya oblast by 385 students from the Faculty of Pipeline Engineering, Construction and Operation and the Faculty of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics.

Students express their gratitude to the Rector of Gubkin University, Professor Viktor Martynov as well as all faculty members and colleagues from the leading Russian oil and gas companies, who provided support in the organization of the training activities.