Congratulations to postgraduate students!

Dear postgraduate students of Gubkin University!

We sincerely congratulate you on a Postgraduate Student Day! Young scientists and postgraduate students are the hope of national science, invaluable asset capable to turn into reality what seemed to be just a dream not long ago.

Postgraduate studies are the first step towards becoming a future scientist or a leader. This is an important stage of a scientific and professional career, which lays the foundations for theoretical and practical knowledge, develops the scientific and critical thinking of a scientist or a highly qualified oil and gas industry specialist. Today, an academic degree is a prerequisite for career advancement. More than 60% of the heads of Russian and foreign oil and gas companies have completed postgraduate studies and become candidates or doctors of sciences. The proportion of senior managers with a degree is close to 100%!

Nowadays, like almost 100 years ago, science is an activity that implies mental strength, the development of scientific thinking, the search for non-trivial ways for solving scientific and technical issues, the analysis and processing of large amounts of information, the result of which is new knowledge, the most valuable thing for civilization. The leaders of our state have always understood this well – back in 1925, the documents regulating the system of training scientists were developed by of the Council of People's Commissars of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic and came into force. Therefore, 21 January 1925 is considered the day of the establishment of a postgraduate school.

A new generation of future scientists is able to determine the vector of science development, to serve as a guide and provide conceptual benchmark for those who are just thinking to commit to scientific research. Support for youth science is among priority areas for the strategic development of Gubkin University. In recent years, a number of tools have been developed and launched to encourage and motivate postgraduate students and young scientists. We invest efforts to create a favorable environment for personal and professional development of future scientists at the University.

We wish you success in conducting your scientific research, defending your dissertations, obtaining diplomas of candidates and doctors of science, certificates of associate professors and professors. Never stop in your development, strengthen your scientific and personal reputation, become worthy representatives of Gubkin University! We wish you to have interesting work for the benefit of the oil and gas industry and our country!

Rector’s Office