Congratulations on the International Women's Day!

Dear ladies!

On behalf of all men of Gubkin University and on my own behalf, I congratulate you on the International Women's Day – a wonderful holiday of spring, beauty and love!

Throughout history, spring has represented the beginning of a new life and has been imbued with symbolism that we associate with you – beauty, love, kindness, warmth of the family hearth. As spring renews the elements of the nature, so the 8th of March fills men's hearts with love, and we are glad to say again how important you are to us.

We cannot imagine our life and the life of the society without your love, care and attention. The contribution of women is invaluable, and talents are admired in all spheres – from production to science, art and culture.

On this day, I wish to all women, female faculty and staff members, students of our university health and happiness, flowers and smiles.

May your lives be filled with good luck, prosperity, joy and inspiration. Thank you, dear ladies, for your kindness, patience and love!

Viktor Martynov
Rector of Gubkin University