Congratulations on the Day of Russian Science!

On 8 February, we celebrate the Day of Russian Science! Gubkin University congratulates all faculty members, scientists and students on the Day of Science – the day of people who are curious and interested, who have inquiring mind, strive to learn more about the world and benefit society.

The history of the day dates back to the time of Peter the Great, when on 8 February 1724, the Academy of Sciences was founded by the decree of the ruling Senate. Science is the engine of progress, a powerful tool for the development of industry and all spheres of society. The future of generations and the quality of their life depend on today's scientific discoveries and achievements of the fundamental and practical nature.

That is why Gubkin University scientists are actively engaged in the development of new types of fuel, alternative energy sources and nanomaterials that can be used not only in industry, but in medicine; the development of fundamentally new energy-efficient and safe equipment for the extraction and transportation of hydrocarbons; the creation of digital solutions to improve efficiency and safety at industry facilities.

Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the Council of Young Scientists and the Student Scientific Society, young Gubkin University students who have just chosen this long but interesting path – always to be at the forefront of progress and solve the most incredible and ambitious tasks for the benefit of the mankind – have been increasingly involved in this work in recent years.

In our turn, we will continue to improve the system of support for Gubkin University scientists of all generations in order to create a favorable environment for future discoveries and inventions!

We wish you new achievements, fruitful work and realization of your potential! May your scientific work always be in demand and appreciated!