Congratulations on the Day of Oil and Gas Industry Workers!

Congratulations on the Day of Oil and Gas Industry Workers!

Dear professors, faculty members and students!

Every first Sunday in September we celebrate a special day – the Day of Oil and Gas Industry Workers. This date is important to everyone who have committed themselves to such professions as geologists, drilling technicians, developers, construction workers, transport workers, technologists and many others related to the oil and gas industry.

2021 is a very special year for us. We have already celebrated the 300th anniversary of the oil industry in Russia. The 150th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding scientist Ivan Gubkin, who laid the foundations of the oil and gas education in our country and whose name is given to our university, is coming soon.

For more than a century, Russia has been one of the leaders in the extraction of hydrocarbon raw materials. Every day, our talented scientists develop unique technologies and conduct fundamental research! These achievements would have been impossible without outstanding historical personalities and all those who work daily for the good of the country by defining the vectors for the development of the industry and creating conditions for training new personnel and further growth. Accept the warmest congratulations on the Day of Oil and Gas Industry Workers! I wish everyone to remain goal-oriented, face the future with confidence and open new horizons for professional development! Be supportive for colleagues, family and the whole country! Stay healthy, creative and prosperous!

Viktor Martynov
Rector of Gubkin University