Congratulations on Oil and Gas Industry Workers Day!

Dear colleagues,
Solving state problems related to training engineering personnel for the oil and gas industry in Russia has joined together talented people. For more than 100 years, our country remains the leader in the production of hydrocarbon fuels, invents its own technologies and conducts world-class fundamental research, opening new horizons in exploration of mineral resources! This success has been achieved through the work of outstanding historical figures – Dmitriy Mendeleev, Vladimir Shukhov, Ivan Gubkin, Valentin Shashin, Viktor Chernomyrdin, and many others. Even more impressive achievements in development of hard-to-reach reserves in the Arctic and Eastern Siberia, invention of advanced technologies and infrastructure for market expansion are waiting for us in the future.

Gubkin University, named after Academician Ivan Gubkin, trains specialists for the oil and gas industry, actively develops, stays among the leaders in research and educational activities in Russian and world rankings, and becomes a world-class university! Under these circumstances, the importance of professional effort of the academic community in training new oil and gas industry generations increases.

Researches, faculty and staff as well as students and graduates of Gubkin University are proud of their alma mater! Last year we celebrated the 85th anniversary of the university. As a result of many years of work, in the 21st century we have become the owners of a special status – National Research University.

The results of Gubkin school are embodied in its graduates who today are not only highly qualified engineers, but also take top management positions in leading Russian companies, lead federal ministries and large commercial entities, regional authorities and research institutes. All this has become possible due to development of the humanities component in engineering education at Gubkin University. It is not a secret that participation of students in a variety of extracurricular activities and social events enables them to develop communication skills and leadership qualities, and raises real patriots who know the history and traditions of their country.

Please accept my warmest congratulations on Oil and Gas Industry Workers Day!

I wish success and creative breakthroughs to the entire community of faculty, researchers and university personnel who daily work to the benefit of the university, ensuring sustainable development for our country!

I wish you always be positive and motivated, demanding to yourself and your work, successfully overcome difficulties and achieve high quality results in science and teaching, support your colleagues, family and the whole country!

I wish you good health, creative spirit and wellbeing!

Viktor Martynov

Rector of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas
(National Research University)