150th Anniversary of the Birth of Ivan Gubkin

On 21 September 2021, Gubkin University will celebrate a remarkable date – the 150th anniversary of the birth of Academician Ivan Gubkin. One can hardly imagine the modern oil and gas industry of Russia without the contribution of this outstanding scientist, geologist and brilliant manager. The name of Ivan Gubkin, who laid the foundations of the oil and gas education in our country is given to the university.

As part of the celebration, special events will be held at Gubkin University and outside it, including the visit to the village of Pozdnyakovo, the birthplace of Ivan Gubkin; the exhibition at the Metro Museum at Vystavochnaya station; the exhibition “Ivan Gubkin – 150 years”; the exhibition “Two Bakus of Academician Gubkin” and many others. The scientific events will include the Scientific and Practical Conference “Russian Petroleum Engineering: History, Present and Future” dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the petroleum engineering and the 150th anniversary of Ivan Gubkin.

On the occasion of 150th anniversary of Ivan Gubkin, Gubkin University developed the website Academician Ivan Gubkin (1871 – 1939) which is available in Russian. We invite you to visit!