Researcher Connect

Researcher Connect is a professional development course that focuses on the development of excellent communication skills for international, multicultural contexts. This course was designed by the British Council in collaboration with leading scientists and experts in the field of the internationalization of higher education as a result of many years of analytical work and interaction with scientific communities around the world.

Researcher Connect contributes to development of communication skills necessary in the innovation life cycle – from receiving grants, establishing international partnerships to preparation of successful publications and speeches in English, including the use of modern online tools to increase the visibility and citation of research works and organizations related.

The course is developed for researchers and post-graduate students, faculty members, heads of centers for academic writing, representatives of international departments and others.

The program is conducted by professional instructors with wide experience of international research programs. Workshops are for up to 20 researchers from any fields. The Researcher Connect course is not an English language course, and participants should already have a minimum of B2-level English. A certificate of completion will be given to each participant in order to certify their attendance on the course.

The training course has been delivered in 12 countries across the globe, including Russia. At Gubkin University this course will be organized with the support of Shell Corporation. The program includes several modules such as the foundation module, the art of presentation, academic writing, persuasive proposal, abstracts etc.

Venue: Gubkin University
Date: October 2017, exact dates will be determined later
Fee: no fee is charged
Duration: 5 days, the length of one training day is 5-6 hours
Number of participants: up to 20

To register for the training course follow the link. Deadline: 10 September 2017.

Contact details:
Anastasia Kopylova