Gubkin Humanitarian Readings

On April 5-6, 2018 Gubkin University will host 3d International Conference: Gubkin Humanitarian Readings organized by the Department of Philosophy, Social and Political Technologies. The title of the Conference this year is “The Future in the Present: the Human Dimension of the Digital Age”.

The Conference will bring together specialists in humanities, studying the transformations of personality, culture, economics, law, education and language in the digital age, to share their research experience and practical solutions.

The key topics offered for discussion at the Conference include the following:

  • The future studies: transdisciplinary approach.
  • Identity in the digital age.
  • Education, employment and poverty in the digital age.
  • Sociocultural forecasting and design: constructing the future.
  • Distant learning: advantages and risks.
  • Digital humanities ‒ information technologies in human and social studies.
  • The technocratic vocabulary and future discourse.
  • Transformations of the everyday life in Society 4.0.
  • From Myth to Logos and from Logos to Myth: the episteme of future.
  • Digital inequality in the 21th century.
  • The future of citizenship: right alienation or the new “state of nature”.
  • Cybersafety and cyberdeviance.
  • Industry 4.0 ‒ delusions or reality?
  • The future platforms ‒ education, science, technology, hi tech companies and government.
  • Efficiency measurements in academia: opportunities and risks.

The working languages: English, Russian.
Participation: in-person and online. Online participants will receive an invitation link.
Admission: free of charge
Publication: free of charge

Registration deadline is March 10, 2018. To register for the conference follow the link.

Contact details:
Phone: +7 (499) 507-83-71