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Tuition fee

The tuition fee for different kinds of programs changes every year and is regularly published on the Gubkin Website (in Russian): Tuition fee

It is quoted in Russian currency Rubles and is to be paid for each year of study consistently (except for the few Joint Master Programs).

When and how to pay

The early tuition fee should be paid before the beginning of the autumn semester (1st of September). The tuition fee could be sent as a bank transfer from Russia or from another country. In this case the bank receipt on the payment should be submitted to the Department of International Students (DIS). The tuition fee can also be paid by cash through the “Obrazovanie” Bank nearby the Gubkin University

The details of the bank account for the payment of tuition fee should be taken after signing the agreement for education from the DIS.

The tuition fee for foreign (non-Russian) citizens 2016/2017*

Program and year of study   RUB / year   
 Preparatory course180 600

 «Jurisprudence», «Economics», «Management»
 1, 2, 3299 200
 4278 400
 «Chemical Technology», «Energy and resource
 saving processes in petrochemistry and
 biotechnology», «Oil and gas business»
 1201 190
 2, 3195 300
 4191 480
 Other majors (annual indexation)
 1, 2, 3195 300
 4191 450

 Other majors (annual indexation)
 1, 2, 3201 750
 4, 5191 450

 «Jurisprudence», «Economics», «Management»
 1, 2293 000
 Other majors
 1, 2201 750

 Full-time (RUB/year)198 700
 Part-time (RUB/year)106 100

*The above tuition fee is an estimate cost of study and could vary from program to program. The exact cost of study could be taken from the Director of the specific program.
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Tuition fee (in Russian)

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