Getting ready for arrival


Steps to get ready for arrival:

  • 1. Apply for and receive a visa
  • 2. Buy tickets and inform the university
  • 3. Pay for the 1st year of education
  • 4. Read about Moscow
  • 5. Start preparing for study

1. Apply for and receive a visa

To obtain a visa at the Consulate of the Russian Federation the following documents are needed:

  • • invitation issued by the Russian Immigration Service
  • • invitation of Gubkin University
  • • contract for education

2. Buy tickets and inform the university

After receiving the visa and buying tickets to Moscow, the Department of International Students (DIS) should be informed by e-mail about the exact date of your arrival

3. Pay for the 1st year of studies

The tuition fee of the first year of studies should be paid before the beginning of the 1st semester (1st of September). The tuition fee could be sent as a bank transfer in the country of applicant’s origin or in any other country. In this case the bank receipt on the payment should be submitted to the International Students’ Relation Department after arrival. The tuition fee could also be paid after arrival through the “Obrazovanie” Bank nearby the Gubkin University

4. Read about Moscow

Explore the Moscow environment and transportation system through the internet sources and city guide, check the address and how to get from the airport to the Campus. Check with the DIS that accommodation is ready for you.

The accommodation in the students’ dormitory is provided for all period of study.

5. Start preparing for study

It is better to arrive in Moscow before the 1st of September and visit the DIS as soon as possible to get the information on study schedule, orientation and further preparation for organizing life and study in Moscow.

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