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Q: Why Gubkin University?
A: Gubkin University is one of the best universities in Russia as well as in the world in the petroleum field. It has a long history and close ties with oil and gas companies around the world. It is no doubt a good platform for a career in the oil and gas sector.

Q: Is it difficult to study at Gubkin University?
A: It is not very easy to study at Gubkin University. At least because almost all the programs are Russian taught. But the education which you will get in University is worth it. Graduates of Gubkin University are recognized in the world as the high class specialists in their fields.

Q: When shall I start to prepare for application for Gubkin University?
A: It is better to start at least 6 months before then arrival (beginning of the 1st semester). This time is enough to contact the DIS, check the validity of your diploma to study at Gubkin University, and to prepare all the documents, for example to translate and legalize the Diploma.

Q: What is the best way to apply for a degree program at Gubkin University?
A: The best way to apply for a degree program at Gubkin University is:
1. To apply for the one year Preparatory course 
2. To visit the Open Day and choose the program
3. To check the requirements 
4. To apply for a degree program: BachelorMaster or Ph.D. personally during the Preparatory course.

Q: What will I learn during the Preparatory course at Gubkin University?
A: There is a set of subjects learned during the one year course, such as Russian, mathematics, informatics and others. The set of subjects depends on the level of the applicants and the chosen program.

Q: Is the Russian language is difficult to learn?
A: The Russian language belongs to the Slavic group of languages and has many words of Latin and English origin which means that it is easier to learn for Europeans and English speaking students than for students from Asia for example. However, regular practice and the Russian language environment will make you speak Russian fluently within a year.

Q: Are there any English taught programs in Gubkin University?
A: There are several English taught Master Programs, established jointly with the European and American Universities. To apply for this program through the Gubkin University, however the knowledge of Russian language is required.

Q: How is it better to apply for studying at Gubkin University?
A: We would advise to apply directly through the DIS, as explained on this website. We do not advise the students to use any kind of agent services.

Q: What to do if I don’t get the reply from the DIS?
A: There are many international students at Gubkin, therefore the staff of the Department of International Students (DIS) could be very busy especially during the Summer season when the application process is on. If you don’t receive a reply to your e-mail, try to express your request in a clearer way and send it again. If you won’t receive a reply again, call the DIS.

Q: Is accommodation provided for studying at Gubkin University?
A: Yes, accommodation in the dormitory is provided.

Q: What kind of students’ support is provided by Gubkin University?
A: As a student of Gubkin University you can get the transportation card for metro (underground) and bus, medical service and access to the University sport facilities, dance and art studios, Students’ comedy club and others.

Q: How is the applicant allowed to enter the university during the application period?
A: There is a pass enter system in Gubkin University. To get into the Gubkin University buildings as well as to the dormitories the applicants need to get a temporary pass from the DIS. The applicant can call the DIS by internal phone just at the main gate of the University. When the applicant becomes a student of Gubkin University he/she will get the permanent electronic gate pass.

Q: How to get ready to come to Russia?
A: Learn the basics of the Russian language. Russia is one of the coldest countries in the world so be ready to face the cold sometimes.

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