For doctoral programs



  • 1. Before applying for the Ph.D. program in the chosen scientific field it is necessary to contact the Head of the Department where the applicant would like to do the doctoral research and to find out about the possibility to do research on the specific program/major at this Department. The contacts of the Departments could be found on Gubkin Russian website.
  • 2. The chosen direction of Ph.D. research should be then discussed with the expected thesis adviser whose name will be recommended by the Head of the Department. To start the application an overview report on the desired research area should be done and submitted to the Head of the Department and expected thesis adviser.

If the applicant is ready to study at the Ph.D. Program which the Department can offer and the Head of the Department agrees with the nomination of the candidate, the application can be started.

Start the application:

Prepare the documents

The application period

  • 1. Personally: from June 01 and no later than August 31
  • 2. By mail: from June 10 no later than August 31
During the application period the copies of the documents could be submitted. The original of the diploma and the transcript could be submitted to the Department of International Students (DIS) after the arrival for the study (if a positive decision on the candidate’s enrollment has been made).



To enter the Graduate school the applicants take the following exams:

  • 1. Specialty (major)
  • 2. Philosophy of Science
  • 3. English


Specialty: September 6 through September 10

Philosophy of Science: September 10 through September 19

English: September 10 through September 19


  • • All the exams are taken in the written form, in Russian
  • • The results of the entrance exams are evaluated on the 100 grades’ scale where:
  • Excellent: 85-100 grade
  • Good: 75-84 grade
  • Satisfied: 65-74 grade

The applicants should bring their passports to the exam.


The University evaluates the results of the exams and publishes the list of enrolled applicants on the Gubkin Rusian website around September 24.

After successful admission the original diploma and the transcript should be submitted to the International Students’ Relation Department.

The updated information on conditions, dates and requirements for application could be found on the Gubkin Russian website, For applicants section.

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