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Application includes the preparation for application and submission of documents

Preparation for application

To start the application for the Bachelor program it is necessary to:

Ways of documents submission

  • 1. personally
  • 2. by express mail

The application period

  • Personally or by mail: from June 10 and no later than July 10



The set of entrance exams vary according to the chosen Bachelor program. But more generally the sets of exams vary according to the field of science which the chosen program belongs to:

  • • For Technology related majors, exams in: Mathematics, Physics, Russian language.
  • • For Chemistry related majors, exams in: Mathematics, Chemistry, Russian Language.
  • • For Ecology related majors, exams in: Mathematics, Geography, Russian Language.
  • • For Economics and Management related majors, exams in: Mathematics, Social Science, Russian Language.
  • • For Law related majors, exams in: Social Science, Russian History, Russian Language

If the applicant has the Russian Language Certificate received at Gubkin (or at another university) it can be submitted to the Department of International Students (DIS) instead of taking the Russian language exam.

The information on the exact list of exams according to the chosen Undergraduate program could be found on the Gubkin website (in Russian):

List of exams for Undergraduate programs


The exams’ schedule is published on the Gubkin Russian website no later than June 1st.

The admission exams for the Bachelor programs take place from July 12 to July 22


  • • All exams are taken in the written form, in Russian
  • • The results of entrance exams are evaluated on the 100 grades’ scale where:

Excellent: 100-85 grade

Good: 84-75 grade

Satisfied: 74-65 grade

Related link (in Russian):

Minimum grades for passing the application exams (previous years)

The duration of the exams:

  • • Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, History and Social Sciences: 3 hours
  • • Russian Language: 2 hours

All exams start at 9:00 a.m.

The applicants are allowed to take the exam after checking the exam sheet and passport. The exam sheet should be received on the day of the exam in the hall of admission from 8:00 to 8:50.


The University evaluates the results of exams and publishes the list of enrolled applicants on the Gubkin Rusian website around August 4.

After successful admission the original diploma and transcript should be submitted to International Students’ Relation Department.

The updated information on conditions, dates and requirements for application could be found on the Gubkin Russian website, section For applicants.

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