International energy business


International energy business

In line with the globalization process the petroleum business is becoming more and more international. To manage the business in international oil and gas companies the enrolment of professionals with specific knowledge of doing petroleum business internationally is required. Therefore, becoming a top manager of oil and gas companies requires comprehensive education. The Faculty of International Oil and Gas Business offers Bachelor , Master and Ph.D. programs in the areas of Petroleum Economics and Management, Energy Trading, Energy Logistics, World Economy, Geopolitics and Strategic Resource Management.

The Faculty offers Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. programs.


Oil and gas business

Strategic management of energy

World econimy and energy policy

Energy trading and logistics

Innovative management

International school of business


Telegina Elena Aleksandrovna

Professor, Ph.D.

Professor Telegina is an expert in the Global Energy Security and World Energy Economics. In 1997- 1999 Dr. Telegina was Deputy Minister of Fuel and Energy of the Russian Federation and was responsible for international cooperation and investment in the energy sector of Russia. She worked as Deputy Chairman of the International Conference of the European Energy Charter. For many years Dr. Telegina has been member of the Council of Russian Oil Exporters Union.



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