Chemical and environmental engineering


Chemical and environmental engineering

The areas of training offered by the Faculty are extremely diverse. For example, students at the Department of Oil Processing Technologies learn about the technology and processes for the production of petroleum products, explore indicators of quality for oil products and raw materials, develop innovative solutions to improve the energy efficiency of processing plants. The Department of Gas Chemistry looks into the methods for obtaining substances and materials from hydrocarbon gases applying physical and chemical processes. The Department of Chemistry and Technology of Lubricants students master production technologies of motor oils, lubricants and fluids. The Department of Technology of Chemicals for the Oil and Gas Industry does research in the field of development of drilling fluids, technologies for enhanced oil recovery and oil production intensification. The Department of Organic and Petroleum Chemistry trains specialists in the fields of hydrocarbon chemistry, heteroatomic and high-molecular compounds of petroleum, as well as their thermal and thermo-catalytic transformations. The Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry students explore chemical phenomena using theoretical and experimental methods of physics. And finally the Department of Industrial Ecology students can master the environmental protection, waste utilization and other green technologies.

The Faculty offers Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. programs.


Chemistry and Technology of Lubricants

Gas Chemistry

Oil Processing Technologies

General and Inorganic Chemistry

Physical and Colloid Chemistry

Technology of Chemicals for Oil and Gas Industry

Industrial Ecology

9. R&D Institute of Field Production Chemistry

Computer Science

Chemmotology of lubricant combustive materials

Technology adsorbents and heterogeneous catalysts

Design of oil and gas processing enterprises


Tonkonogov Boris Petrovich

Doctor of Chemical Science, professor

Professor Tonkonogov is corresponding member of the Academy of Natural Sciences (2007), author of over 100 scientific works and inventions. Professor Tonkonogov gives lectures on the theory of chemical and technological processes of basic organic and petrochemical synthesis; theoretical foundations of chemical engineering of fuel energy and carbon materials; technology of production.



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