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Gubkin offers a wide range of Bachelor (4 years of study) programs related to various fields in the petroleum industry such as geology and petroleum engineering, mining law, petroleum economics and management, law and others.

All Bachelor Programs are Russian taught.

To learn the Russian Language in Gubkin, please refer to the one-year PREPARATORY COURSE Program.

To find out how to apply, please refer to the admission for Bachelor Programs.

Code of the program Name of program Major
Faculty of Petroleum geology and geophysics
21.05.02 Applied Geology
21.05.03 Technology of geological exploration
05.03.06 Ecology and Environmental Management -Geoecology
Faculty of Reservoir engineering
21.05.05 Physical processes of mining and oil and gas production
21.03.01 Petroleum Engeneering -Drilling of oil and gas wells
-Operation and maintenance of oil production facilities
-Operation and maintenance of gas production facilities, gas condensate and underground storage
Faculty of Pipeline engineering, construction and operation
21.03.01 Petroleum Engeneering -Construction and repair of pipeline transportation systems
-Operation and maintenance of facilities for transportation and storage of oil, gas and refined products
Faculty of Mechanical engineering
15.03.01 Engineering -Equipment and technology to increase durability and restoration of parts of machines and devices
-Equipment and technology of welding
15.03.02 Technological machinery and equipment -Refinery equipment
-Machinery and equipment of oil and gas production
-Offshore oil and gas production equipment
03.27.01 Standardization and metrology -Standardization and certification in oil and gas industry
20.03.01 Industrial safety -Safety of technological processes and production in oil and gas industry
Faculty of Automation and computer engineering
03.12.01 Engeneering -Data measurement systems and technologies
13.03.02 Power and electrical engineering -Electric drive and automation
27.03.04 Management of technical systems -Systems and automation instruments in petroleum technological processes
09.03.01 Computer science -Information processing and management
-Integrated information system
01.03.04 Applied mathematics -Mathematical modeling in engineering and economics
Faculty of Chemical and environmental engineering
03.18.01 Chemical Engineering -Chemical engineering of organic substances
-Chemical engineering of energy fuels and carbon materials
-Petroleum chemistry
18.03.02 Energy and resource saving processes in chemical engineering, petrochemicals and bioengineering -Ecology of gas industry
Faculty of Economics and management
38.03.01 Economics -Economics of petroleum enterprises
38.03.02 Management -Project management in petroleum industry
Faculty of International energy business
38.03.01 Economics -Global economics
38.03.02 Management -Management of petroleum enterprises
Faculty of School of law
40.03.01 Jurisprudence

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