Gubkin University urban campus consists of five comfortable residential houses (students’ dormitories), located in two areas. Two 16-floor buildings are located in Volgina Street and three 15floor buildings are in Butlerova Street. The streets are just in 10 minutes drive by bus from Gubkin University.

The campus is fitted out with everything needed not only for studies, but also for recreation. There are students clubs such as: art and craft groups, an art studio, and a disco dance school. Sport facilities include an indoor sports complex, a fitness center, a ski depot, gyms in each block and an outdoor sports ground. There is a cafeteria in the campus, and each building has food shops. All the rooms have access to Wi-Fi.

Questions and Answers about Campus

Q: Is there a security system at Gubkin University campus?
A: There is an automatic security system on the first floor in every building Gubkin students can get into the building after checking the student ID card. The guests are allowed into the dormitory after registration. Moreover there is security stuff working 24 hours at every entrance to the buildings. That’s why the campus area is very safe.

Q: Are there any utilities in the Campus?
A: There is a supermarket in the campus that works 24 hours, a photo studio, an internet cafe with printing service, a good laundry room; cafeterias and many restaurants with different cuisines not far from the campus.

Q: What is the students accommodation modes?
A: For Bachelor’s students rooms for 4 persons with bunk beds are available. For Master’s and Doctoral students rooms for 2 or 1 person are available in the Campus.

Q: Is there any person to whom I can address my problem while living in the dormitory?
A: Of course in every building there is a supervisor of the dormitory. The supervisor works everyday including Saturday and Sunday. If you have any questions about living in the dormitory feel free to ask them.

Q: How can I get to Gubkin University Campus?
A: If you go there by metro (subway), it will take you 10 minutes to walk from the exit of Kaluzhskaya (Калужская) metro station (Orange line) to the Campus. If you go by bus take bus 226 (from “Kaluzhskaya”) metro station or 295 (Belyaevo” or “Konkovo”) from metro station.

Useful links (in Russian)
Gubkin University Campus
Location on Google map

Postal address of the Campus:
Butlerova street, buildings: 1, 3, 5;
Volgina street, buildings: 2/1, 2/2
117485, Moscow, Russia

How to get to the Campus:
Metro station: "Prospekt Vernadskogo", then by bus 224 to the stop "Zavod igryshek”.
Metro station: "Kalujskaya", then by bus 224 or 163 to the stop "Zavod igryshek”.

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