History of Gubkin University

Ivan M. Gubkin, scientist, geologist,
founder of the Soviet petroleum geology.

The history of Gubkin University starts in 1930 when the Moscow Academy of Mines was reorganized into six Institutes. In this way the Petroleum Engineering Department of Academy became the base for new Moscow Petroleum Institute, which was named in honor of Academician Ivan Gubkin, “due to his tremendous input into organizing efforts of high education for training engineers, needed for the socialist industry”. At this time the zyoung Soviet country needed fuel and energy for further development and petroleum industry faced new challenges such as the development of new fields, application of advanced methods of operation, starting the use of new production technologies, development new oil refining technologies and constructions of plants, electrification of oil industry, as well as the planning, organization and improving safety of petroleum production.

None of these problems could be solved without significant increase in the number of Petroleum Engineers and Gubkin Institute became the main source for such specialists.

The first Rector of University and the founders of its educational and research schools were academician Ivan M. Gubkin himself and many famous founders of Russian (USSR) oil and gas science such as: A.P.Krylov, Yu.A.Kosygin, L.S.Leibenzon, S.S.Nametkin, A.V.Topchiev, I.I.Chernyaev. M.I.Varentsov, N.L.Buslenko, M.A.Kapelyushnikov, M.F.Mirchink, N.S.Nametkin, L.V.Pustovalov, K.A.Chepikov, S.F.Fedorov, G.F.Mirchink, Ya.M.Paushkin; V.I.Isagulyants, L.Sh.Davitashvili; and many others.

Since University’s establishment in 1930
more than 100,000 students has been graduated from Gubkin.
Sergey S. Namyotkin, chemist, a prominent
researcher in terpene chemistry and
rearrangement of camphenes.

Nowadays there are more than ten teaching departments in Gubkin which prepare specialists at almost every field of Petroleum Industry: from Petroleum Geology and Engineering to Energy Economics and Trading. The University is justifiably proud of its graduates, working in all leading oil and gas Russian and international petroleum companies.

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